Did you know that parsley is good for much more than salads and garnishes?  I make these masks often to keep my pores clear and eyes looking fresh.  Try them a couple of times each week for a month and see what parsley can do for your complexion.


Mask One
  •  Wash a bundle of parsley
  • Boil the bundle in 2 cups of water for five minutes
  • Drain the water into a bowl and set aside until just warm
  • Wash your face with the parsley water, rubbing well, for fifteen minutes

… good for dark circles, puffy eyes, clears skin of blemishes and blackheads.

Mask Two


Green smoothie with parsley on wooden table








  • Wash a bundle of parsley
  • Blend the bundle with a little water until a smooth paste forms
  • Spread parsley paste over entire face, focusing on areas with blackheads
  • Bring a pot of water to boil, lean over and steam your face for five minutes
  • Massage face for an additional five minutes while warm
  • Wash your face with warm water

… clears skin of blemishes and removes blackheads.

While parsley is great for relieving blemishes and perking up tired eyes, it will make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. These treatments are best before bed or at least well before you expect you’ll be out in the sun – but no matter when you use them, always use sunscreen before heading outside for the day. Your face will thank you for years to come!