We take care of our bodies by grabbing the organic, sustainable, and free-range, because good nutrition inside equals healthy, glowing outside, right? Missing in this equation is something we use every day – our makeup. Chemicals in cosmetics can seep into our pores, creating imbalances that reveal themselves on our skin. Luckily, some companies are setting a beautiful new trend toward nontoxic products – and our Precious Pick, Antonym, is definitely a trendsetter.

French makeup artist Valerie Giraud founded Antonym in 2010 and officially launched the brand in 2013. Her line of ECOCERT certified natural and/or organic makeup and vegan certified brushes is never tested on animals and contains no animal products or by-products. The collection is skin-friendly and natural, while enhancing beauty with long lasting color in luxurious formulas. antonymcosmetics.com

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Antonym offers 20 well-designed brushes made out of sustainable bamboo, aluminum ferrules, and top quality synthetic bristles. They are gentle on the skin, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. Remember to always wash your brushes before the first use with a mild liquid soap and let them air dry.

Small Angled Brush #13:  Use for precise application of eye shadow or eyeliner; also for filling in eyebrows with loose or pressed powder.

Powder Brush #1:  Use for all loose or pressed powders for sheer, flawless coverage.

Covered Lip Brush:  Use for better precision and to increase the lifespan of the lipstick. We love the cover that protects the brush and keeps our purse clean while on the go.


Baked Foundation

baked-foundation-antonymThis certified organic foundation is light and transparent. The baking process turns the foundation crème into a delicately textured powder that blends with the skin for a flawless, radiant complexion.

Our Review:  We used the powder brush #1 to apply the Med/Dark shade foundation all over the face after having moisturized. It is buildable and felt light on our skin. The color was nice and provided medium coverage. Recommend for all skin types, except those with extremely dry skin as the powder could reveal flakiness.




Lola Lash Mascara

Made from high quality, certified natural ingredients, such as organic wax and linseed extract, this mascara helps protect eyelashes and keep them healthy. The gentle ingredients are perfect for anyone with sensitive eyes.

Our Review:  The curved brush created a nice natural look and separated our lashes, while adding some volume and length. 



Lipstick Pencil

This lipstick pencil’s color comes from mineral-based pigments that flatter all skin tones. Its certified natural formula soothes and conditions the lips with sunflower oil, organic shea butter, and vitamins C and A.

Our Review:  The pencil goes on smoothly, giving lips a nice sheen and silky feel. It lasted most of the day and is waterproof, so once the sheen comes off you are still left with a soft pink color on your lips (our shade was Pinkish). 




Eye Pencil Noir

This waterproof eye pencil has a soft and smooth application. It is dermatologist approved, certified natural, and ideal for sensitive skin as it contains all natural, richly moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants like maruba oil, jojoba oil, candelilla and carnauba wax.

Our Review:  We love that it is free of preservatives and safe to use in the rim of the eye. We used the pencil as both an everyday eyeliner and later smudged it for a smoky eye look for a date night. Antonym knows what women want, creating a pencil that has a sharpener attached to the end, so we’ll never go searching for a sharpener again!


Eye Shadow Quattro

antonym-eye-shadow-quattroThe Croisette palette of four colors brightens eyes with shade combinations Salmon and Bark, and Moon and Black to give intensity and contrast. The ingredients are certified organic and safe for sensitive skin.

Our Review:  The shades provided beautiful, bold color that did not crease during a night out. We covered the entire eyelids with the moon color first and then applied the bark color in the creases and slightly above the lid for extra drama. The bark color looked amazing with the black that was applied with an angled brush for a spring smoky eye look. The brushes that come with this are perfect for traveling or re-applying on the go. 


Baked Blush

baked-blush-antonymLike the foundation, this certified organic blush goes through the same baking process to transform the blush crème into a finely textured powder. Swirls of color are added to each individual blush before baking, giving every blush its own unique color imprint.

Our Review:  We used the Peach shade on fair skin and found that it imparts a natural looking sun-kissed glow, which is a great alternative to the sometimes-intense look of bronzer.