It’s irresistible. That beautiful shoe that calls your name, and they just happen to have one pair left in your size. We’ve all made impulse purchases when it comes to our footwear, and sometimes regretted it. Take a step back, and consider our styling tips to flatter your leg shape and guide you to your next favorite pair.



There are many clever tricks up the petite woman’s sleeve for lengthening the appearance of her legs. Try out a few on your next trip to the shoe department.

Manolo Blahnik Chaos Pearly Ankle- Wrap Sandal-2

Add interest to the ankle area without interrupting the vertical line of your legs by choosing thin straps in a neutral shade.


What you lack is height, so look for platforms and wedges that offer comfortable elevation.

What you lack is height, so look for platforms and wedges that offer comfortable elevation.


Take a walk on the wide side— and look great doing it! Here’s what to flaunt and what to flee from if you have athletic calves or fuller legs.

Stella McCartney Kapoor Sandals

Avoid delicate styles, like kitten heels, ballet flats, and rounded-toe pumps because they tend to make legs look heavier. Also steer clear of the trendy gladiator sandals or anything else that wraps around your ankle, making it appear thicker.

Christian Louboutin Akenana Python Red Sole Mule Sandal

Try a pointy or peep toe to maximize your length and minimize your breadth. Open-toe mules with a high heel also help elongate.


Lucky you! Almost every shoe looks like it was tailored for your shape, although you can make the most out of your enviable genes with select styles.

Giuseppe Zanotti Lilith-2

Thick heels and heavy platforms can make slim ankles look disproportionate, so choose styles with a slimmer profile, like the ubiquitous stiletto or a classic pump.

Salavatore Ferragamo Sculptural Heel Sandal -2

Accentuate your lengthy limbs with ankle straps on styles like Mary Janes and strappy sandals, or put on a pair of laceup or wrap styles.