Does warmer weather make you want to ditch the foundation and go barefaced? With the right routine and occasional TLC, you can prepare your skin to look radiant while keeping makeup to a minimum. We’ve come up with steps for your morning and evening skincare routines, plus a few beneficial DIY treatments to get you glowing for a look that says au naturel!




CLEANSE using your favorite mild cleanser

TONE with an alcohol-free toner, to avoid drying out the skin

RUB an ice cube over face for 2 minutes to close pores and tighten skin

APPLY a light moisturizer (if you have oily skin this is optional)

USE a physical sunblock with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

DUST on a light layer of loose powder that matches your skin tone

HIGHLIGHT the apples of your cheeks in summery peach or light pink shades of blush




REMOVE makeup to allow skin to repair itself overnight


APPLY your favorite night cream or serum

PAT an eye cream under eyes to prevent puffiness and dark circles

REST your pretty head on a silk pillowcase to reduce friction on the skin as you sleep

Try soaking a washcloth in ice water and applying it to a flushed face. Not only does it feel amazing, but it also keeps redness at bay. Chronic flushing can actually lead to permanently dilated capillaries, so consider this your ounce of prevention with the added bonus of helping constrict your pores.

SPRITZ SKIN WITH WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAY Minerals help calm the skin, while the mist leaves you feeling fresh and looking dewy.

Products to try:


Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Restore skin’s moisture balance with deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid, aquabioryl, and extracts of red algae. $14; Ulta Beauty


La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water
Provides instant cooling hydration with soothing mineral salts, trace elements, and a high amount of the antioxidant selenium. $13; Walgreens