The official language is Arabic, but English is widely spoken.


  • Summer: May through September is Dubai’s brutal summer season. The temperature rarely drops below 100° with 90% humidity.
    • Protip: Stay indoors as much as possible and remember to wear proper sun protection. The scorching heat can be very dangerous
  • Winter: The weather during winter, from October through April, is the reason so many people flock to Dubai! With a comfortable temperature between the upper 70’s and low 90’s, exploring Dubai is truly delightful.

Tourist Season

The mild weather makes winter (October through April) the tourist season in Dubai. Book in advance if you decide to visit at this time of year, it will be quite crowded!

Dubai, UAE. Burj Al Arab from above


Tourists are wary of Dubai’s heat in the summer off-season (May through September). However, you can use this to your advantage! It is easier to find a room in the summer, and much of Dubai can be appreciated in air conditioning indoors!

Best Time to Visit

The very beginning or the very end of the off-season (early May or late September) is a good time to experience Dubai. The weather is not as extreme, you’ll avoid a lot of crowds, and finding a hotel room is easier.

Must See/ Must Do

Dubai Mall – Full of stores and attractions. Caters mostly towards tourists.

    • High-end fashion such as Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, and Tom Ford.
    • Dubai Aquarium
    • Dubai Ice Rink
    • Dancing Fountains – just like Vegas!
    • Souk al Bahar – Marketplace attached to the Dubai Mall to buy traditional silk dresses for women, home goods, and traditional souvenirs to bring back with you.
    • Drive up Jumeirah Beach Road.
    • Find Burj al Arab on the south end.
    • Next door to Burj al Arab, the Madinat Jumeirah resort is easy to miss, but worth looking for. The upscale yet traditional market gives the feeling of walking down the winding streets of an ancient Middle Eastern city, only with air conditioning!


    • Stop or coffee at Costa Coffee inside the Madinat Jumeirah market and enjoy views of the Burj al Arab, its pool, and the Persian Gulf.
    • If you’re seeking a more dynamic experience than just frequenting the tourist spots, take a drive north up Jumeirah Beach Road to see the hip hangouts for the young people of Dubai.
    • Check out Dubai’s Gold Market – the largest in the world!
      • Protip: Make sure you have a local person that speaks Arabic to help you, or brush up on your negotiation skills to avoid overpaying for your baubles.Gold Souk

Notable Foods to try:

  • Fish and seafood – Try fried or baked Hammour fish, akin to Grouper.
  • Dates – These sweet fruits are a Middle Eastern treat.