Bathe in volcanic mud, dive into pristine blue water, and bask in the Sicilian sunshine in Italy!


There are local dialects of Sicilian, but Italian is standard. There are some people that speak English, German, or French to accommodate tourists.


  • Spring: Temperatures stay around a comfortable 68°.
  • Summer: Aeolian summers can get quite warm, around 91°, but there are wonderful sea breezes that will cool you down.
  • Autumn: Aeolian autumns boast balmy 60° to 70° weather.
  • Winter: The weather is quite mild in winter, with temperatures rarely dipping below 57°. The most rain falls during this season, but it rarely snows.


Aeolian IslandsTourist Season
The summer is the tourist season for the Aeolian Islands, however, the natural thermal spas and incredible geology of the larger islands yield more people during the typical off-season.

The winter is the off-season for the islands. Many businesses close up shop for the winter.

Best Time to Visit
May through October is the ideal time to visit the islands because the weather is delightful. You’ll avoid the winter storms, and you may be able to find better hotel deals in the off-season.

               Lipari Island in Aeolian Island


Must See and Must Do
Vulcano – If you don’t mind getting dirty, the natural attractions of Vulcano are incredible!

  • Scale the volcano and view the surrounding islands from the peak.
  • Bathe in the mud baths. You may smell of sulfur for a few days, though.
  • Rinse off in the nearby ocean, and swim in the fumaroles – The hot gas from the volcano seeps into the ocean and causes it to bubble warm water, just like a Jacuzzi.

Stromboli – Another volcano, but this one is active!

    • If you’re a daredevil, climb Stromboli – the only volcano that’s been active throughout written history – and watch the sunset from the peak.
  • Visit one of the breathtaking black sand beaches.
  • Museo Archeologico Regionale Eoliano
    • This gem is an archeological museum that reveals the rich history of the area, even going back to the Bronze Age!

Notable Foods

  • Fish – Try some fresh with capers (an integral part of Aeolian cuisine), lemon, herbs, and olive oil.
  • Calamari – Enjoy fresh squid, or its larger cousin, Totano, stewed in a tomato caper sauce.
  • Biscotti – These flavored biscuits are perfect for dipping in your coffee or cappuccino after your meal.
 Aeolian IslandsMarina Corta at Night