BRABBU décor brings intensity, strength and power to the urban lifestyle. Based in Portugal, BRABBU designs and produces a diverse range of furniture, casegoods, upholstery, lighting, rugs, art, and accessories inspired by nature and the world around us.

BRABBU’s collection is comprised of custom pieces, which means every material and finish can be altered according to your preferences. Choose from a wide range of wood veneers, lacquers, leaves, glasses, marbles, metal swatches, and even different finishes on the nails. For upholstered pieces, BRABBU works with the customer’s own material and leather.

We’ve featured some of our favorite BRABBU sofas and chairs. To see more, pick up the March issue of FEMME ROUGE Magazine!


APACHE TABLE LAMP: Apache is made of wood and marble, to represent the beauty of the landscapes of Colorado and home of the native Apache tribe.

NANOOK ARMCHAIR: Nanook is the legendary master of bears, who decides the luck of the hunters in the Arctic regions. This armchair blends the beauty of the animal through the robust body covered with rich leather, complemented by walnut root veneer legs and accented in aged brass.

KOI RUG:  The Koi rug is made of hand-tufted tencel in neutral earth tones. The various hues depict the shine and reflections of the scales of the koi, for which it is named. It makes a distinctive foundation in any room and can be made to measure to precisely fit your space.


EARTH ARMCHAIR: This sleek and modern chair is inspired by the rotation of the earth on its axis. The Earth spinning armchair conveys the balance between light and dark, composed of gleaming hammered brass and soft dark green velvet.


MAYA 2 SEAT SOFA AND ARMCHAIR: This set reflects one of the primary elements of Mayan culture: maize. The feminine, delicate form of the maize goddess is embodied in the Maya chair and sofa – heavenly additions to your living space.


EANDA BAR CHAIR: Eanda is a matriarch in the Himba tribe from whom children inherit their wealth. The glossy ebony veneer and velvet upholstery, with its brass detailing, leaves its nondescript peers in the proverbial dust, making Eanda the matriarch of bar chairs.