It’s time for a new, true you! Let’s focus on simple ways to purify and respect our bodies.

 5. Do sweat it: moderate exercise and fun physical activities kick toxins out through the skin’s pores.

4. Eat clean: steer clear of fried foods, sugary drinks and devilish desserts; replace them with raw vegetables for fiber and OD on antioxidants by choosing any brightly colored produce that catches your eye.

3. Get your beauty sleep: a solid six or seven hours of uninterrupted sleep is pure magic for the whole body.

2. Put your feet up: improve blood circulation in the whole body by starting with your feet – soak them a spell in warm water with salt and dried rosemary.

1. Go green: feel energetic in the morning without coffee by forming a wheatgrass habit.

P.S. – Don’t forget: The most important way to help your body cleanse is by drinking lots of Pure Water!

water glass