We’ve discovered a few secrets in our medicine cabinet! Did you know wiping your skin with witch hazel after you shave helps prevent ingrown hairs? It’s true! But wait! There’s more! Open that medicine cabinet door and let’s take a look inside!


PERFUME POWER Before you put on your favorite perfume, dab a bit of Vaseline on your pulse points. Follow with a little spritz of your signature scent, and it will last through the day and well into the night.

KEEP IT NEAT Put Vaseline around the edges of your nails before painting them to easily wipe away any stray marks without ruining your manicure.


WITCHY WONDER Did you ever wonder what in the world is witch hazel? It’s actually a shrub! The twigs, leaves and bark are used to make the “witch hazel water” we purchase in the store. (Sadly, no torrid tale exists to explain the origin of its name. It’s a colonized version of the antiquated English word “wiche.”)

Despite the disappointing origin of its name, witch hazel does seem to possess magic properties! (Be sure to choose one without isopropyl alcohol.) Apply it as a gentle astringent to soothe blemishes; it controls oil and is much more mild than salicylic acid.  It also works as an anti-inflammatory, so it helps reduce puffy eyes, alleviate pain from swollen gums and even helps relieve pain from diaper rash.



CRUSH CALLUSES Crush six aspirin tablets and mix them with one tablespoon of lemon juice to create a paste. Apply it to the callus, and wrap your foot in a plastic bag, letting it sit for ten minutes. The salicylic acid in the aspirin combined with the acidity of the lemon will soften the callus and help exfoliate the skin. Follow by sloughing off the dead skin with a pumice stone.


ZAP ZITS Kill them softly. Ditch the salicylic acid and use Neosporin instead. It will kill the bacteria and reduce inflammation without drying out your skin.